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We work with a lot of different companies, in a lot of different niches and some of them call us to handle their seasonal SEO.  I have never believed in a Seasonal SEO campaign simply because it takes time to get websites ranked.  Can we do it?  Yes, but it’s a gamble, expecially with the complexity of SEO in recent years.  I much prefer to work on campaigns every month, all year long in order to get my client’s websites ranked.

Having managed banks for years, I learned that people would come to me for a business loan or personal loan because they needed the money for growth, or supplies, or payroll.  The only problem is that by the time they came to me, they had already ruined their credit, didn’t have proof of substantial income or collateral…in other words, they were TOO LATE.  This is the same concept with SEO,  if you want to get ranked for the busy Holiday Season, you can’t come to us in October and expect to be on page one for your most competitive keywords by Christmas.  Again, it takes time.

The same is true when I talk to potential clients and they say that they are too busy.  I get it, but what happens when that busy streak stops?  You want to be ahead of the situation and have your website in prime ranking position all the time.

We specialize in SEO, Local SEO, Google maps and much more, call us today if you need more information.