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Nowadays, everybody knows about SEO. We see people just starting their blog or small online business, and the first thing they worry about is the SEO strategy that they are going to use to attract customers.

However, given the limited information they have, they will most likely make use only of technical, on-page, and off-site SEO.  Naturally, these are not all of the Denver SEO types that you need to know and understand to run a business properly.

For example, you have to study local and national SEO as well, as well as multiple other SEO strategies that may help your cause. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to know!

On-Page SEO

The first type of SEO that you need to grasp is on-page SEO. After all, if you lack this particular type, you cannot engage in any successful SEO strategies.

It is because on-page implies you are taking a look at the keywords you use on your website, at the H1 tags, at your titles, at the meta description, at the image alt tags, and at the very content that you have published on your website.

Naturally, we don’t even have to mention the design and usability of your website, as they directly influence your on-page SEO.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next SEO type…..