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What’s a business owner to do about the frequent search engine algorithm changes?
My advice is to not lose sleep over anything regarding algorithm updates. Be aware that it happens, but don’t change your entire business or marketing plan every time Google burps.

For Google, the critical analysis in their information retrieval algorithms is based on relevance feedback. What that means is that given you’ve done all of your SEO fundamentals and you have other websites linking to yours, the end user data kicks in. How many times do people click on your link in the search results compared to others? How long do people stay on your pages compared to others? Those are basic examples, but the real secret to success is still based on creating compelling, relevant content that is both informative–and maybe even entertaining–in order to provide a richer experience.

Google has penalized many websites for trying to game the algorithm. In my experience, the two most important things are to design your website for human beings, not algorithms, and to gear your business toward multiple sources of traffic, not just from Google.

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