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It’s been an exciting year for Maxim Edge which is based out of Parker Colorado.  We have picked up some new, rather large companies as their SEO service provider.  Recently we took over Clear Choice franchises as their SEO provider and have had some great results thus far.

When providing Parker SEO services, it can be daunting at times.  Most recently there was another large Google, Penguin update which affected millions 0f website’s rankings this last week.  One of the many tasks as an SEO provider is to research and study Google’s algorithm changes over the course of a year.  Just when you think you have it all understood, WHAM, another change to over come.  It can be challenging, but we just roll with the punches and continue to service our clients the very best way we can.

If you’re curious what the SEO process is or if you would like a FREE website analysis, just pick up the phone and call 720-341-4655.