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Google Penguin – What does it do?

This is the second algorithm update most likely to hit you. Penguin has a lot in common with Panda, but it evaluates websites for a different factor: their link profiles. Backlinks positively affect a site’s rankings if:

  • They are placed on pages contextually related to your linked pages
  • They are surrounded by content related to your linked pages
  • They point to you from trustworthy sources
  • They come from multiple different domains

Conversely, dubious links from shady sources will negatively impact your rankings. Penguin makes sure of that.

Important note: Google Penguin is not the same as Google’s Manual actions for unnatural linking. Penguin is completely automatic and will loosen its grip on your site when unnatural backlinks are no longer a factor. To deal with a manual action, you’ll need to submit a reconsideration request in addition to purging those links.

Learn what triggers the “Penguin” tomorrow.