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Happy 2017 – Start Your Year Off Right

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We want to wish entrepreneurs everywhere a very prosperous New Year.  Maxim Edge is looking at a busy year ahead as we ramp up our client’s marketing efforts in search for even more leads and prospects.  We value our clients and always aim to give them the very best service possible.  If it weren’t for our clients we wouldn’t exist.  Maxim Edge is an old school business in a new, technical world.  What does that mean, you ask.  Our clients aren’t just another number to us.  When they have questions, they get answers, if they need something changed on their site, it happens and it happens quickly.  We believe in quick communication, on-time reporting, and of course results.  If our clients aren’t making money, they wouldn’t stay with us for years.

If you’re a business in search for this kind of service and results and don’t know which direction to turn, give us a call today for a no-hassle conversation.

Happy New Year!


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We work with a lot of different companies, in a lot of different niches and some of them call us to handle their seasonal SEO.  I have never believed in a Seasonal SEO campaign simply because it takes time to get websites ranked.  Can we do it?  Yes, but it’s a gamble, expecially with the complexity of SEO in recent years.  I much prefer to work on campaigns every month, all year long in order to get my client’s websites ranked.

Having managed banks for years, I learned that people would come to me for a business loan or personal loan because they needed the money for growth, or supplies, or payroll.  The only problem is that by the time they came to me, they had already ruined their credit, didn’t have proof of substantial income or collateral…in other words, they were TOO LATE.  This is the same concept with SEO,  if you want to get ranked for the busy Holiday Season, you can’t come to us in October and expect to be on page one for your most competitive keywords by Christmas.  Again, it takes time.

The same is true when I talk to potential clients and they say that they are too busy.  I get it, but what happens when that busy streak stops?  You want to be ahead of the situation and have your website in prime ranking position all the time.

We specialize in SEO, Local SEO, Google maps and much more, call us today if you need more information.

The SEO industry is worth $65 billion; will it ever stop growing?

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Not only has SEO survived this long, it’s thriving: According to a recent study by Borrell Associates,companies are going to spend $65 billion on SEO in 2016. This is more than triple what they predicted for this year back in 2008, before major game-changers like Panda and Penguin even entered the equation.

What’s more, the company is predicting that the SEO industry will continue to grow to an estimated $72 billion by 2018 and $79 billion by 2020.

Though estimates can be fallible, this does suggest that SEO has grown even more than previously expected, with a trajectory to preserve that growth well into the future. In fact, another recent survey of 357 marketers found that more than 90 percent plan to increase their SEO budgets or keep them the same over the next year. 

Mobile Algorithm Scheduled for May

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Once again, Google has plans of updating their algorithm targeting websites that are NOT mobile friendly.  Not only will this affect rankings for non-mobile websites, but in reality it does cost the business owners money.  How? You might ask.  When people are searching for products and services using their mobile devices (which is increasing daily), if a website is hard to navigate, hard to read, etc., potential customers simply click the back button and move on.  Also, in conjunction with a mobile friendly website, if your phone number isn’t clickable and doesn’t autodial, this can cause the potential customer to click the back button and move on.

Get that website mobile friendly my friends, the sooner the better.

Google+ accounts no longer required for leaving local reviews in Google

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Google revamped the interface to add reviews on local results and dropped the Google+ account requirement.

Google has removed the Google+ account requirement for those leaving reviews on local businesses within Google Maps. In addition, Google has updated the user interface for adding reviews while in the search results screen.

Local SEO in Denver

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Is your business website showing up in the top 3 positions on Google Maps?  This is considered prime real estate because this top 3 listings show up on the 1st page of Google.  Maxim Edge specializes in Local SEO and we have several examples of clients in those top 3 spots as well as organically on the 1st page.  We aim to generate the very best return on investment for our client’s hard earned marketing dollars.  Give us a call if you have any questions on Local SEO in Denver and the surrounding areas.

Denver SEO Company now helping in Houston TX

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Maxim Edge is constantly looking to do things better and we continue to reach a larger audience. We recently took on new client in Houston, helping with a new website and local marketing. It has been really exciting growing our name and reaching new clients all over the United States.

Maxim Edge offers Parker SEO and Denver SEO services as well as website design, mobile design, Google Maps, brand creation and so much more.

Looking to get your business noticed online for targeted, highly searched keywords, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss options that fit your needs.

Mobile Ready Algorithm starts April 15 – Denver SEO News

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According to Google, in April 2015, they will take into consideration if your website is mobile ready when determining ranking factors.  If your website isn’t mobile ready or “Responsive” this can have negative impact on your rankings.  If you want to see if your website it mobile ready, just pull it up on your smart phone’s internet browser.  Is your website easy to navigate?  Do you have your menu pop up making it user friendly or do you have to scan from side to side and even up and down?  If it’s not mobile ready or user friendly, give us a call and we can help you get ready for this upcoming algorithm.

As your Denver SEO and Parker SEO service provider, we want to make sure you continue to get the targeted traffic you deserve.